About Palomar de los González

El Palomar de Los González is a traditional restaurant open for dinner, operated by the same family, and located in the heart of the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta. Seven days a week, the restaurant offers a mixture of exquisite international, Spanish and Mexican dishes.

Our traditional house offers space for weddings, events, and groups of up to 100 people. Visit our Groups & Events section for more information.

The González originally came from Spain and arrived in Puerto Vallarta in the ’60s, that is when they began to build their house on the mountain behind the back of the town of Puerto Vallarta.

First one, then two bedrooms, the kitchen, and the living room were the basics to live in for the first years and before extending the construction to create the areas for a restaurant with the best view of the town and the sea.

They have unforgettable sunsets! To date, the Gonzalez family lives in this house, including the beloved Spanish grandmother Mari Pepa. The house continues to operate its famous restaurant with fabulous views and extraordinary cuisine. My house is your house!

El Palomar de los González Restaurante en Puerto Vallarta